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Structurally Sound
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Western Australia’s premier Toyota LandCruiser Dual Cab Conversion motor body builder and custom vehicle specialists.

Heavy-duty, custom-built aluminium and stainless steel trays built to last.

And so the adventure continues…

landcruiser conversion
landcruiser dual cab conversion

The Story

Humble beginnings in
WA’s south-west

Bullant Engineering started with humble beginnings in the small south west Australian town of Bunbury. Founder, Sean Williamson, has had a passion for cars and automotives since a very young age. He has a background in heavy metal manufacturing and general fabrication and from here found a niche in the market, vehicle cut downs. Sean’s focus is providing his clients with a personalised service that is unique to each vehicle.

Experienced metal fabricators

In 2018 Sean and Justin met. Justin like Sean, has a huge interest in cars and also comes from a metal fabrication background. Justin is the Managing Director at TFG group and has been able to offer Sean a space, materials and qualified tradespeople to assist in vehicle cutdowns. This unity will allow Bullant Engineering to grow and develop, whilst still keeping the customers needs at the forefront of each conversion.

The conversion process

The process

It’s true, anyone can perform a vehicle cut down but the difference between Bullant Engineering and our competitors is our process. Our goal is to make the cabin of your vehicle as short as possible to maximise the space of the tray as well as optimise the load distribution.

A key issue with tray conversions is their tendency to rust the vehicle body from the inside out. The biggest cause of rust is moisture and oxygen combining to react with untreated carbon steel. To combat this we now use zinc anneal steel sheeting and we completely tig weld seal this to the existing cab. This provides clients with a water-tight seal and allows us to offer our 3-year warranty.

Dual Cab Conversion Aesthetics


It’s all about ‘the look’

We are also conscious about the aesthetics of the job. We want your vehicle to look like its just rolled out of the factory. That’s why we add a pressed recess into the back wall for strength, looks and housing of the factory ventilation. We also add an aesthetic radius to the back edge which keeps the vehicle looking like new. In addition we finish with a premium paint job with added rust preventatives as well as 1st class trim and vinyl coverings that match the factory fittings.

The Bullant difference

And that is what makes a Bullant conversion different to the rest. Our extra attention, time and effort going into both the visual aspect AND the structural integrity makes for what we believe to be the best in the business.

Fastest Turnaround
Time In Australia

And so the adventure continues…

Adventure Awaits

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