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Internal Options

We work with Midland 4WD Centre on our canopy fit outs, they supply a lot of the after market accessories and wire everything up:  

We‘d suggest going through the following items to help with the set up 


  • What do you need to run and what do you need to charge?  
  • Do you need 240W outlets?  
  • Will you have a dual battery set up already (that can be used for basic 12V system)? 
  • If you want to go the whole-hog, you're looking at something like RedArc Red Vision Management System  2000W inverter, 2 x 100a/h lithium batteries and a 240W system, with solar feed 

Kitchen - Passenger Side

  • We highly recommend upright fridges over drop downs - you get more space, with less weight and less foot print 
  • In a chassis mount canopy, you can fit up to 110L upright dometic, otherwise the 80L Dometicor 85L Bushmanare really popular 
  • TheClearview Kitchen & pantry set up is another big seller - the most compact way to end up with bulk storage. My boss runs this with an induction cooktop and he's set up and cooking in under 5 minutes 
  • These upright sliding pantries are also great value and maximise your vertical space really well 
  • Thetravel buddy ovencompletes the kitchen set up - a very popular little 12V oven 

Fabrication Components

Once you decide what elements you need, we then fabricate a surround to suit. This usually includes:  


  • Fridge Surround 
  • Ventilated Central divider 
  • Electrical fascia plates 
  • Upper shelving 
  • We can also fabricate customer shelving or drawers to suit left over space and maximise your storage 

Driver's Side

The standard set up on the driver's side is an upper shelf that runs the full length of the canopy - the rest of the floor is left open for bulk storage. All our upper shelving is designed to fit the Pioneer Ammo boxes 

Up Top

  • Roof top tents and awnings from The Bush Company are pretty popular at the moment and allow additional solar to be fixed to the top of the tent 
  • Otherwise blanket solar is a good option - allows you to chase the sun with it and it doesn't add so much weight to the top of the car 
  • Roof rack -Rhino Pioneer platform is most popular 
  • We can also do Boat lifters etc 

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